Niederer Drilling AK Ltd (ND) is a leading player in the drainage, Investigation Drilling in the Auckland market

Soakholes are an efficient and cost effective solution to the problem of storm water disposal and they form an integral part of Auckland’s drainage system.

ND is able to offer a drill rig for most applications

ND carries out investigation drilling on many industrial and commercial development projects to enable accurate plotting of geological strata.

Free data base information (conditions apply)

ND has an extensive database covering flow rates and bore logs for over 8000 soakholes in the Auckland area.

This service allows Engineers and Clients to make informed decisions on drilling works.

Our percolation testing service offers accurate and timely testing of soakholes.

Acceptance of our soakage reports by consulting engineers and council allows cost savings to clients.

 Clinton O’Flaherty, owner operator

Experienced in:

Drainage and Geotech drilling in New Zealand

Blast hole drilling in New Zealand and Australia

Diamond coring under ground and surface

RC (Reverse circulation) DTH (Down the hole hammer)